Head of Engineering (Manchester)

Manchester, England, United Kingdom · Moonpig Technology


As a Head of Engineering, you will be looking after a large portion of our £100 million / year technology platform. With that comes a great amount of responsibility and the ability to influence change at all levels. You will be trusted to lead and develop your teams in order to meet our ambitious growth and technical goals whilst being supported every step of the way. This is a great opportunity to drive significant impact as part of a great leadership team.

What's expected from you in this role?

Great things! But to be more specific, we expect the following from you (these are absolutely critical and non-negotiable):

  1. You’ll be responsible for the continuous improvement of our engineering excellence at Moonpig. You’ll use your very strong technical knowledge in order to influence engineering decisions at all levels as well as understanding the technical impact of those decisions long term. You’ll need to ensure we are building out our principles, standards and working towards only solving problems once.
  2. You’ll be expected to take large programs of work/initiatives, create clarity around any ambiguity, define a process and then be able to demonstrate the business impact. To do this you’ll need to use your solid approach to data-driven decision making and your ability to clearly articulate complex topics. You’ll be able to answer key question such as where are the bottlenecks and what is the cost to the business. You’ll be using your strong process and data skills to improve everything from our engineering growth framework to our recruitment process to our constant push for excellence.
  3. You’ll be highly effective at collaboration and strive to break down silos and avoid them forming. This will apply to working with your peers, your teams and your key stakeholders. You’ll understand how to communicate at all levels and be responsible for driving initiatives across multiple different teams, not just your own. There is no value in your team being perfect but everyone else’s falling apart. Understand what works, what doesn’t (this is why your data skills are so important) and work with the rest of technology to collectively improve.

These are no mean feat, but at the same time, we are not an ordinary company!

What you should have done before?

What type of skills should you have?

What are you responsible and accountable for?


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